What is bankart lesion ?

Partial or complete shoulder displacement causing tearing of labrum, ligament and capsule of the shoulder joint is called bankart lesion(soft tissue bankart). Arthroscopic repair of labrocapsuloligmentous complex with titanium or bio-degradable  suture anchor prevents shoulder displacement.

Repeated partial or complete shoulder displacement causes fracture of glenoid rim. This type of glenoid rim fracture is called bony bankart. Small and medium sized fracture can be managed by arthroscopic soft tissue bankart repair. Large fragment can be managed by bone graft or Latarjet operation.

Recurrent  anterior displacement or chronic anterior instability causing fracture at superolateral part of humaral head is called hill-sachs lesion. Bone graft or arthroscopic Remplissage(attachment of infraspinatus tendon to defect) is the treatment of hill-sachs lesion.