Arthroscopy shoulder

Shouder Arthroscopy is a procedure by which shoulder injuries and diseases are diagnosed and treated. Following diseases are diagnosed as well as treated by Arthroscopy –

1. Shoulder Instability / Recurrent shoulder dislocation: Arthroscopic bankart repair by

    biodegradable or titanium anchor sutures.

2. Rotator cuff / Muscle & tendon tear : Arthroscopic  Single row , Double row or

    Double row cross bridge repair.

3. Frozen Shoulder : Arthroscopic release.

4. Impingement syndrome : Subacromion decompression and acromioplasty.

5. Rotator cuff calcification : Arthroscopic dissolution.

6. Synovial chondromatosis and loose bodies : Arthroscopic removal and synovectomy,

7. Labral injury & SLAP lesion : Arthroscopic repair.

8. Bicep tear and tendinitis : Arthroscopic repair, tenotomy and or tenodesis.